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About us

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team with a passion for creating innovative opera, promoting young talent and reaching new audiences.

General information

Operosa Montenegro Opera festival

Montenegro, Herceg Novi 85340,
Kanli Kula (visiting address)

+382 68413387
Operosa Montenegro Ltd & Foundation

Montenegro, Podgorica 81000,
Oktobarske revolucije 120 (postal address)

+382 68413387
General information:
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Digital & Social Media
MAEd, FTCL, FRSA - CEO & Founder

Katherine Haataja

Mezzo soprano, opera professional, vocal pedagogue and founder of Operosa, Katherine has over 30 years of experience in the creative industry. Katherine is passionate about opera, the voice, the performing arts and culture, about exploring diversity and discovering ways of bringing people closer to these wonderful art forms.

Artistic Planning

Tea Đorđević

Organizer and project manager of numerous opera and music events. Coming from a background of opera and music education, Tea is a creative and multi-faceted musician interested in different music genres and formats who excels in leading positions pushing projects forward, as well as working within teams.

Production & Administration

Mirjana Radić

Result-orientated and highly efficient, Mirjana excels at managing the financial and administrative aspects of European projects through her work with opera and classical music events. With additional past experience in organizing logistics around international gaming events, she is practical and resourceful when finding solutions for the complex creative arts industry.

Digital Development

Silviya Stoyanova

Experienced logistics and cast management professional in the performing arts, television and film industries, Silviya is very familiar with the demands of many types of productions. With interests in exploring the benefits of online platforms in the realms of culture, her strengths are e-administration and digital project coordination.

Honorary Conductor

Eraldo Salmieri

Eraldo Salmieri was appointed as Honorary Conductor of Operosa during the Jubilee edition of Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival 2023. Maestro Salmieri’s role in the development of Operosa over the years since its inauguration has been invaluable. His contribution to the quality and excellence of music making and nurturing of young talent in the art of opera has advanced and raised the standing of Operosa worldwide.


Production Management

Zoran Đorđević

Zoran has worked extensively in live performance productions as well as publication related projects. Being an accomplished classical pianist also contributes to his understanding of the needs in the performing arts industry.

Production Design

Magdalena Vlajić Glavonić

With interests in costume design, scenography and lighting in the performing arts as well as corporate events, fashion shows, exhibitions, art performances and installations,

Magdalena is essential in production creation.